Decades of experience in business ownership, consulting, and business sales have been pooled to your advantage. 

Clients asked for a la carte services and we are proud to assist in improving their chance for success.

If you have a unique needs or can't find what you are looking for, contact us. We will customize a program just for you.


Opinion of Value

This service is offered to owners for business listings with minimal complexities under $1M at no charge. Without a listing, $2,500.

ValuationA thorough evaluation including but not limited to market trends, competition, and SWOT. Recommended for legal proceedings, estate planning, engaging investors, and larger and more complex business sales. Complimentary with listing. Starts at $10,000 without listing engagement.

Value Driver Program

Ideally, owners should begin monitoring the value of their business at least 5 to 7 years before an exit. To accurately support the expectations in a valuation, it is important to identify the value drivers, which are factors that increase cash flows and reduce risk. There are hundreds of value drivers, some of which are industry-specific. Over 12- to 24-months, we will identify up to ten factors we consider essential to increasing cash flows and reducing risk, and implement a plan of action, thereby enhancing overall company value.

Business Planning

Business planning is process of determining a company's objectives, strategies and projected actions in order to promote its survival and development within a given time frame. Business planning typically has two key aspects, one focused on making profits and the other focused on dealing with risks that might negatively impact the business. Planning can focus on a particular purpose: an internal plan, raising capital, enticing investors. We'll focus on the need for a plan, and deliver a comprehensive plan.

Pre-Sale Planning

Starting the sales process at least a year before allows time to select the right team, conducting a financial check and clean up, Cure any issues that might be unattractive to a buyer, and allow your business broker to complete a thorough recast and projection; all activities may very well maximize the value of your business, realized by more proceeds at your closing.

Exit & Succession Plans

The purpose of an Exit Plan is to develop a blueprint detailing a business owners successful transition to the next phase of their lives. The plan addresses all the business, personal, financial, legal, and tax questions involved in selling a privately-owned business. A Succession Plan identifies future leaders and creates a plan to develop the talent, possibly into future  employee ownership.

Raise Capital

We work with you to identify, research and document the intent to purchase a bank-financed income producing property or business.  The result of the planning is a bank-ready business/financial plan that supports the repayment of debt.

1st & Main's Broker is a former commercial and SBA lender and is open to sharing her expertise and network with our customers.