Why 1st & Main is different.

Just because a business sale is a transaction, 1st & Main Intermediaries and Associates do not operate transactionally. Your life goals and your business goals are our goals. It is our belief that delivering ethical, knowledgeable and honest communication is not negotiable.  We guaranteed we'll be empathetic while never afraid to communicate honestly - even in the event of more difficult conversations.

Our mission is similar to our customers: to provide the tools and resources that foster a great standard of living for our team, and to be challenged and enriched by the work we choose to do every day, all while assisting in building wealth for ourselves and our business partners and clients. We invite you to meet and discuss what's on your goal horizon and how we can help you get there.



Carrie L. Duvall

Broker Owner

Business Broker, Consulting

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Lisa Schumer

Commercial Real Estate

Leasing & Sales

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Howard Davis III

Administrative Manager

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One Sweet Experience

"Carrie and I worked together locating a leased location in East Orlando.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Carrie and came to know her as my agent and friend. She is phenomenal. Beyond that, she is a good person, which means more to me than anything else. Carrie is not thrown off by any roadblocks, of which we've hit many. She is a problem solver and a hard worker. Carrie's acumen and professionalism slay. Negotiations took longer than expected, but she never lost sight of my ultimate goals, and she kept me sane.

Carrie has been an absolute joy to work with. In fact, she's now helping me locate a second space and is now working with my husband John to purchase a bigger building for his growing business.  We plan to stick with her, and have offered her a permanent exclusivity with us as we have large expansion plans and I wouldn't want anyone else working with us."

Celine D.

Owner of Valhalla Bakery & Valkyrie Doughnuts

Co-Owner of Market on South

e-Wholesaler Exit

“I first got to know Carrie when she was representing a company I had considered purchasing.  Carrie was incredibly knowledgeable, thorough, informative, and kind - so much so, that when I made the decision to exit my company, I knew right away I wanted Carrie to help me with it. Carrie walked me through everything step by step.  No question was too dumb!  Her experience in dealing with all kinds of businesses and personalities really help set realistic expectations. 

1st & Main really took the time to understand my business and helped the potential buyers understand what they were looking at.  It helped clear out some of the “clutter”.  This way I only had to speak with the folks who were truly interested and qualified.

We received multiple offers and found one that was a good fit.  The sale closed in record time! Carrie was always accessible and she really understood what I was looking for in a buyer.

Selling your company can and will be stressful but, Carrie’s approach and sense of humor made the experience much less stressful! 

I would recommend 1st & Main to anyone who is thinking about selling their company, already at the point where they want to sell or if you need help purchasing a business.

By the way, by way of the nice Thank You gift I received, I learned that Carrie has excellent taste in wine and cute bags!"

Heather R.

Founder of e-Commerce Wholesale Company,

Now a Consultant in the same industry